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Digital Media Planning

My strongest area of expertise is in developing strategies for display media campaigns for advertisers at varying levels. Whether you’re an agency that needs an experienced temp Media Planner, a big brand with a unique one-off campaign, or a small business with one DMA target and modest a budget, I can help figure out the best way to execute a campaign and measure its results

Social Media Strategy

It should be clear from my social buttons that I’m obsessed with Social Media. I bring an ROI driven approach from my media expertise and an emphasis on the idea of two-way communication to forming approaches to Social Media campaigns. If you’re ready to move past the same old sweepstakes social media initiatives, give me call. I can help you form an exciting idea that will engage your core audience. I’ll call BS when a message you’re trying to push won’t be received by users. I’ll challenge you to use emerging networks like Pinterest or Unbucket. And I’ll help you understand what changed with Facebook’s policies yesterday.

Analytics Technology

We’ve all been there before. Maybe you’re a creative agency that has as an innovative idea you want to execute for your client. But how do you apply the standard analytics and ad-serving tools to your portals and creatives to measure their impact? Maybe you’re a digital media agency that is implementing an extremely complex campaign and you have no plan on how to manage the creative rotations, dynamic ads, or volume of trafficking that’s going to come in. You could be a brand launching a new website, but you don’t have any clue how to use your shiny new analytics reporting tools nor what key metrics you should be monitoring. I can provide answers and/or solutions to all of these problems

Support from a jack of all trades

In one of the few industries that was still hiring at the peak of the recession, almost every agency or brand sometimes needs an extra experienced hand. But often, the funding just isn’t there for a full-time resource, or maybe you need half of a media planner and half of a community manager – but only for 4 weeks. I can fulfill client and business needs with my wide base of knowledge and experience. It will take me a matter of hours to learn your business, and then it’s up to you how long you need me around.


I work primarily out of San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. But its 2022 folks, and remote work is the new normal. So get in touch with me, and let’s see if there is a solution I can provide digitally, on the phone, and with Google+ Hangouts. In the process, I’ll teach you and your employees how to stay organized and keep in touch even when you’re on the other side of the globe.

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