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Head of Governance and Ad Operations (FTE): May ’22 – Current

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Senior Marketing Manager – Paid Media (FTE): May ’20 – May ’22

Data Product Management: Single threaded owner for paid media data model and engineering. Designed pipeline to ingest paid media data daily from media agency in order to support automated reporting and analytics for 600+ marketers and weekly business reviews for senior business leaders. Coordinated with agency engineers to ensure S3 data deliveries met specifications. Worked with internal data engineers to implement ETL process and ingest 2 years (30M rows) of backfill data. Conducted data quality validations across all dimensions using ad hoc SQL analyses. Worked with stakeholders and Business Intelligence Engineers to gather additional data requirements. Lead and delivered enhancement of data pipeline to add additional dimensions and metrics based on stakeholder

Program Management: Developed and launched product roadmap mechanism to determine monthly priorities for paid media workstreams. As owner for the monthly product roadmap document and meeting series, ensured fellow team members provided updates and next steps for their workstreams. Utilized internal agile task issue management tool to create intake mechanism for paid media stakeholders, allowing stakeholders to submit and vote on the issues which most impacted their business. Created and iterated documentation on internal intranet to enable stakeholders to leverage paid media channels while adhering to best practices.

Platform and Vendor Management: Primary point of contact for LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, and all other paid media vendor partners. Superadmin for self-serve platform Business Manager portals. Conducted regular syncs to collaborate on delivering solutions for stakeholder marketing priorities identified through product roadmap mechanism. Worked with vendor solution engineers to maintain advertising pixels and other platform integrations. Managed platform access and usage for Google Adwords, Google Campaign Manager 360, Google DV360, and Adobe Ad Cloud Search, and advised on integrations with platforms owned by other team members (Sprinklr, Convertr). Created process to provide agency media managers and internal stakeholders with platform access, and conducted regular baselining to ensure only valid active users maintained access. Worked with internal CRM platform owners to manage API integrations with vendor Lead Gen Ad products.

Agency Management: Primary POC for agency Media teams and Analytics teams. Created and documented processes for URL tracking, Lead Gen Ad setup/QA/launch, and authorization for 3rd party usage of trademarks in paid search ads. Addressed escalations from marketing stakeholders for agency launch and operations misses. Created Adobe Analytics dashboards, Tableau dashboards built on Redshift SQL queries, and utilized agency data to identify weekly insights on the aggregate global paid media performance of over a dozen business units.

Expedia Inc

Campaign Manager – Programmatic Video (FTE): Jul ’19 – Feb ’20

Paid Social Manager (FTE): Sep ’18 – July ’19

Social Ads Analyst (FTE): Sep ’17 – Aug ‘18

Marketing Manager (Contract Consultant): May ’17 – Aug ’17

Lead Ad-Tech implementation & strategy for global Paid Social Team

Drove 100% YoY growth in FB Mobile App campaign CTR leading to an 81% improvement in TXNs per ad impression

Generated daily/weekly/quarterly reports and visualizations using data and insights gleaned from SQL tables

Explored Adobe Omniture data to optimize user experience for campaign segments


Media Director: Mar ’13 – Aug ’15

Account: Netherlands Board of Tourism/KLM US

Proposed, Planned, and Executed multi-channel paid media campaign that lead to over 2MM YouTube Views to date

Worked intimately with creative team to develop creative strategy. Negotiated, bought and managed display media, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Syndicated video, and Content Discovery placements. Acquired Doubleclick account.

XO Group (

Freelance Email Marketing + Analytics: June ’13 – July ’13

eCommerce Division

Analytics: Developed Processes to provide daily KPI insights on eCommerce site traffic, revenue, email marketing, and display activities. Completed monthly KPI reports and YOY comparisons. Consulted on Tableau/data cube integration.

Email Marketing: Updated HTML templates for weekly sales emails. Wrote copy updates, reported email-driven revenue, and coordinated with creative team for image deliverables.


Freelance Account Director: January ’13 – February ’13

Account: L’Oreal Paris

Managed Facebook Tab Development for #GetNoticed “Become the Next Face of L’Oreal” campaign

Directed Creative Director, Project Manager, and External development vendor. Worked with Creative Director to execute and export creative elements to match build specs. Oversaw testing, bug tracking, and UX fixes. Coordinated with 5 partner agencies to ensure cohesive creative elements and messaging across Social Media messaging/copy, Display Media custom partnerships, Search, PR, and Fulfillment.

Flash and Rich Media Banner Development: Oversaw development of all Banner projects

Determined Staffing and resource needs. Wrote SOWs and acquired signatures from client. Lead internal briefing meetings and concept brainstorming. Worked with Creative Director to deliver project files to flash developer vendors. Directed vendors on Doubleclick and Doubleclick Studio best practices. Managed trafficking of DFA Studio creatives to Media Agency DFA Creative library. Completed trafficking grids for Media Agency to ensure correct creative rotations, URL tagging, and reporting labels.


Freelance Digital Marketing Manager: October ’12 – December ’12

Hair Care Category

Supported Dir. of Digital Marketing – Hair Care with Paid, Social, and Owned media Project Management
Monitored partner agency timelines and deliverables, Coordinated with internal teams (Marketing, Promotions, Finance, CRM, Integrated Comms), Provided insight on media landscape and analytics solutions

Essence Digital

Media Planner/Buyer: December ’11 – September ’12

Account: Google

Account Management: Managed relationships with 5 Google Product Marketing Managers, Developed strategies to measure and optimize towards customer engagement, Made creative recommendations and managed relationships with partner creative agencies, Monitored spend pacing, Contributed to internal financial projections, Coordinated client invoicing for two product portfolios

Media Planning: Planned and executed large Brand and DR campaigns, including ‘Google Play’ brand launch
Negotiated large scale tenancy, sponsorship, and partnership deals for brand campaigns, Referred agency to new publisher partners and contacts, Advised more junior planners on partner selection and negotiation tactics

Media Trafficking: Provided ROI reporting for brand engagement campaign with streamlined tagging strategy
Identified opportunities for advanced Floodlight monitoring, Utilized advanced tagging methodologies to monitor user interactions with Rich Media game unit

People Management: Responsible for well-being and project management of Media Coordinator
Authored appraisal, mentored on career development, managed task assignments and time resources, trained on internal systems/processes & DFA


Media Planner: July ’10 – June ‘11

Accounts: Western Union, Les Schwab Tires, Catalent, All Saints

Media Planning: Contributed to department profitability by efficiently managing Western Union account

Established processes and documents for new media department, Assisted with transition of media initiatives for Western Union to new agency, Developed relationships with publishers, Managed day-to-day relationships with 8 Western Union Marketing Managers, Lead Media Planning for account, Composed and presented reports for all campaigns, Managed junior Media team member

Media Trafficking: Maximized department efficiency by establishing time-saving trafficking processes

Single-handedly trafficked all online campaigns for all display campaigns in DART, Updated media plan and insertion order templates to be optimized for import into DART, Initiated communication with publisher ad-ops teams during planning to prepare for trafficking, Prioritized tag delivery based on publisher turnaround times, Created quick fail-safe checks to allow for fast trafficking timelines

Search Marketing: Increased lead gen for B2B Pharma client (Catalent) & tire retailer (Les Schwab)

Trafficked and managed optimizations for all SEM campaigns, Generated reports and made strategic recommendations, Identified best performing ‘exact match’ and ‘modified broad’ search terms, Used Google Analytics to optimize for qualified visitors, made daily keyword level bid optimizations, Wrote optimized ad copy which contributed to a 43% increase in CTR, Managed budgets, Monitored competitors

Billing and Reconciliation: Supported finance team pipeline management
Delivered Billing timelines to clients, Secured PO numbers, Reconciled all publisher invoices

New Business Development: Helped win new client for agency by ensuring feasibility of ROI Goals

Performed analysis of previous agency’s search reports, Diagnosed flaws in search campaign organization and ad copy, Projected potential revenues with change in strategy, Contributed to presentation and helped pitch media approach in-room with client


Media Planner (Freelance): May ’10

Accounts: UPS

Media Planning: Contributed to on-time delivery of Media presentation to top client executives

Formed first draft of Digital Media Plan for “We ♥ Logistics” campaign, Helped with negotiations for sponsorships on major media partners (e.g. New York Times, LinkedIn, FastCompany), developed draft of Digital Media slides for client 360 media presentation

Sharpe Partners

Media Planner: February ’10 – May ’10 (Agency Closed)

Interactive Media (Freelance): August ’07 – January ‘10

Accounts: Fujifilm USA –, Western Union, Circuit City, Halo Pet Food, IDT

Media Planning: Developed media strategies to match clients’ business goals and drive measurable success

Authored RFPs and managed responses and negotiations, Planned media budgets, Wrote and distributed insertion order agreements, Generated campaign reporting decks and optimization recommendations

Media Trafficking: Helped clients maximize ROI by innovating tracking and reporting techniques

Trafficking/Ad Ops for multiple campaigns on DoubleClick, Utilized sophisticated trafficking and reporting methodologies to run A/B tests, optimize campaigns, and increase accountability for publishers

Search Marketing: Planned and managed Google Adwords initiatives to support media and broaden reach

Email Marketing: Preparation for deployment of emails using DREAMMail, HTML updates, Testing across ESPs

Social Media Management: Monitored Facebook/YouTube Promotional contests, Screened video entries, Interacted with Facebook Group members, Tracked user engagement using Facebook fan page reporting

Market Research: Client Competitive Analyses, Research using Nielsen Netratings / Forrester / eMarketer

Videothang LLC – Free Ad-supported consumer video editing software

Independent Strategic Consultant: July ’07 – Jan ‘09

Implemented 256 Permutation test plan for video editing software on test computers; Authored release notes; User Interface brainstorming and consulting; Weekly Statistical Analysis of Website Traffic using Urchin and Google Analytics; Management of Google Adwords and Facebook media Campaigns; Copywriting; SEO and online WOM Marketing initiative which drove 200,000 downloads of software

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